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Make the sweetest and juiciest corn on the cob in four easy steps! Add sweetness of sugar and tang of lemon juice to boiling water, add the corn, remove from heat after 2-minutes and enjoy!

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Participate in the Kansas Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers conference. It's a great meeting of “farmer minds” that provides enormous knowledge, enjoyment and value. (Clint and...

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To steam veggies on the grill, make a foil packet with double layers of foil. Then add vegetables, seasoning and water. Fold and seal the packet and cook over indirect heat.

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Fun Facts

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium. Our bodies absorb 28 percent of the calcium found in milk, but as little as 5 percent of the calcium found in other foods like spinach.

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Kansas grows winter wheat that is planted and sprouts in the fall, becomes dormant in the winter, grows again in the spring and is harvested in early summer.

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Mexico and Japan are our top international corn buyers. They buy 50 percent of U.S. corn exports.

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Q: What are soybeans used for?

A: Soybeans can be used to feed cattle, make cooking oil and tofu, produce ink, candles, cosmetics and more.

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Q: What is PQA Plus?

A: PQA Plus is a farmer-driven, educational program that implements and teaches best management practices in raising and caring for...

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Q: How many different GMO crops are there?

A: There are currently nine crops commercially available in the United States. They include alfalfa, canola, corn (field and sweet...

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