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You can cook sorghum a lot of different ways — like rice or quinoa, popped like popcorn, milled into flour or made into syrup. 

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To freeze sweet corn, you need to cook it first. To keep from over-cooking it, cool it quickly in cold tap water, then ice water. Strain excess water, then bag, seal and freeze.

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Buying larger cuts of beef and slicing them into steaks at home can save you at least a dollar or two per pound. Freeze individually or serve when entertaining a group.  

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Fun Facts

The largest market for field corn is to provide feed for animals like cattle, pigs, chicken, and even catfish. 

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From farm to processor to distribution and retail, dairy creates jobs that support the economic well-being of Kansans. The dairy industry contributes $592 million annually to the Kansas economy and...

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Did you know cotton is becoming a big crop in Kansas? Last year, farmers here produced over 164 million pounds of cotton! 

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Q: Is dairy good for you?

A: Dairy products have calcium to keep our bones strong. It also provides many other essential nutrients, helps control diabetes and...

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Q: Does wheat come from genetically engineered seed?

A: There is no genetically-modified wheat commercially available in the world’s food supply.

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Q: What do pigs eat?

A: Most pigs eat a diet of corn, soybeans, vitamins and minerals. Much of the corn and soybeans fed on Kansas farms will be grown by...

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