• Kansas sunrise on the farm - Laura Haffner

    Visit a Farm with Your Favorite Bloggers

    We get it. Being on lockdown — or close to it — is tough. Even without a global pandemic, things like weather, budget or simply being short on time can keep us from having adventures. If you or your family are itching to having fun exploring something new, we have a great way for you to...

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  • Gigstad family portrait

    Cooking Up Something Good in Northeast Kansas

    Just like a good recipe works when different flavors and textures come together in a delicious dish, Jessica Gigstad’s life on a crop farm in Everest, Kansas, works as a beautiful blend of different roles — wife, mother, adventurer, homeschool teacher, local TV show host and blogger....

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  • Kelsey Baker farm family

    Farming, Financing, Exporting: Catching Up with Nu Life Market’s Kelsey Baker

    Kansas has seen many of its farm kids leave for big cities and never look back. Some passionate and dedicated farm kids, however, head back home and use their experiences to plug their rural communities into the global marketplace. Kelsey Baker is one such individual. Kelsey grew up on a...

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  • Little Sammy Jinkins - Farm Dog

    The Life of a Farm Dog

    When you think about farm animals, cows, pigs, or even horses may come to mind. But dogs are also a staple on many farms. Just like city dogs, farm dogs can provide companionship and perform important work like herding and guarding livestock.

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  • Manna Meadows Alpaca Farm

    A Passion for Alpacas

    Late-night infomercials are known for a lot of things — handy kitchen gadgets, miraculous beauty treatments and amazing workout gear. Launching careers in agriculture isn’t typically among them. But that’s exactly what happened for Sharon and Brian Heimes of Manna Meadows in Bonner...

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  • Kansas sunflower farmer Karl Esping

    Life on a Kansas Sunflower Farm

    Early on a summer morning, Wanda Esping gazes out her second-story window over a field of sunflowers. Acres of yellow globes splash across land homesteaded by her ancestors along the Smoky Hill River near Lindsborg. “Oh, Karl,” Wanda says to her husband. “Look at our girls this morning....

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  • Brett Neibling soybean field - thumbnail

    Caring for the Land: Neibling Farms

    Brett Neibling didn’t take the traditional path to agriculture.  After graduating from Kansas State University, Brett planned to attend graduate school and become a college professor. But he soon realized grad school wasn’t for him. He worked in Kansas City and St. Joseph and soon...

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  • Agronomist Jeremy Olson

    The Plant Doctor Is In: Meet Jeremy Olson

    There’s more to farming than just planting seeds and harvesting crops. Some people specialize in making highly scientific decisions between planting and harvest season to help crops thrive. 

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  • Brandi Buzzard Frobose Kansas Rancher

    A Kansas Cattle Rancher Shares Straight Talk on Animal Agriculture

    Are you curious about meat alternatives and whether cow flatulence is to blame for climate change? Do you wish you could have a heart-to-heart with a mom who lives and breathes agriculture about what she feeds her child? Meet Brandi Buzzard Frobose, a Kansas cowgirl who raises beef cattle...

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  • Good Farms: Kansas Pig Farmers

    The Good Life: Pig Farming in Kansas

    When you’re coming up in the world, the guidance of a mentor can be incredibly helpful. Patient, sound advice can not only build your expertise, but also shape your trajectory. Craig and Amy Good had that kind of support from a village of mentors: Craig’s parents, Don and Jane; Amy’s...

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