The Folks Behind Your Food

Here in Kansas, you probably don’t have to shake your family tree too hard before a farmer falls out. Today’s farmers mesh traditional values with college degrees and high-tech tools. Meet the soccer moms and mini-van-driving dads of 21st century Kansas ag, and find out what “locally grown” really means, from the people who know best. Get the scoop on why they farm, why they farm the way they do, and why they’re so proud of it!

  • Stetson Shook - Kansas teen raising cattle

    Raising ‘Em Right: Meet Teen Rancher Stetson Shook

    On the surface, Stetson Shook might seem like a typical farm teen, but this 15-year-old is also a small business owner raising feeder steers to sell for beef in his community.

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  • Kohl Family Kansas Farmers in field

    Farming, Leadership and Community: Meet the Kohls

    Kevin and Kim Kohl are a husband-wife farming team who love to share their passion for agriculture with their kids and their community.

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  • Brett Manville Kansas farm and seed operation

    Leaving a Legacy: An Inside Look at the Manvilles’ Farm

    Bill and Brett Manville, fifth- and seventh- generation Kansas farmers, have a passion for farming. Learn more about their family-owned soybean farm.

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  • Kansas Dairy Farmer - MeLissa Dryzmalla

    Life on a Kansas Dairy Farm

    MeLissa Dryzmalla is a Kansas girl through and through. When her husband suggested they move to his home state of Texas, she exclaimed, “I can’t leave Kansas!” What does this dairy farmer from Newton love so much about the Sunflower State?

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  • The Pachecos - Kansas ranch family

    Cattle and Cooking in the Flint Hills

    Wrenn Pacheco isn’t a Kansas native, but the Sunflower State will always be home now that she’s had a taste of life in the Flint Hills of Wabaunsee County. She and her husband, Arturo, live on a small ranch near Alma where they’re raising their two boys, Leo and Ross, plus a few hundred...

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  • Kent Winter Kansas grain crops

    Diversity on the Winter Farm

    Success in real estate is all about location, location, location. On Kent Winter’s farm in Sedgwick County, success is all about rotation, rotation, rotation. By rotating crops, Kent helps ensure the sustainability of his operation environmentally, financially and operationally. He farms...

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  • Steve Strickler Kansas Dairy Farm - Holstein cows

    Steve Strickler: Sustainability on the Dairy Farm and Beyond

    From a young age, we’re all taught to “do what’s right.” However, as we grow up and take on the responsibilities of adulthood, the choice between what’s “right” and what’s “profitable” can become a tricky business.  Not for dairy farmer Steve Strickler. 

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  • McVey Family Kids

    Where Are They Now: Checking In with the McVey Family

    In the four years that have passed since we last spoke with Bradley and Emily McVey, they’ve experienced some big changes on their farm in Wilson County.  

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  • Female farmers in the United States

    Women on the Farm

    We all know women can do any job. But, as in other fields — both literal and figurative — farming is stereotypically seen as a man’s job, even though women have done every type of work people do on farms for centuries.  Let’s dig into women’s work on the farm historically, meet a few...

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  • Luke Bellar

    How Luke Bellar Started as a Young Farmer

    Luke Bellar always wanted to return to his family’s farm after college, but the question was how? With four siblings, many of whom also wanted to return, Luke knew the farm could not support everyone who wanted to come home and farm. He discussed it with his father, who recommended that...

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