Where, Why and What to Buy

Indulge in a little retail therapy that will nourish body as well as soul. Here, you can find a farmers market for your Saturday morning enjoyment, or a new bakery that can supply you with sprinkle donuts for your work peeps. Check out a small-town meat locker with an expert proprietor. Explore and engage!

  • Lavender bloom in Kansas

    Growing Lavender in Kansas

    Kansas is becoming an increasingly popular place for lavender growers. Meet the Yoders of Flint Hills Lavender Farm who share what life is like on their farm.

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  • How to host the best July 4th party

    Fourth of July Survival Guide

    There’s something special about our most patriotic holiday. Standing in the yard feeling the sun warm your face, watermelon juice dripping from your chin, the kids wading in the plastic pool — you can’t help but be thankful as this and other classic Independence Day scenes play out across...

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  • Zydeco Meadery - Depradine Family

    For the Love of Mead

    Some hobbies are so enjoyable you’ll do whatever it takes to turn them into a business venture. That’s why Eric Depradine travels regularly to Highland Community College in Wamego, 99 miles from his home in Kansas City, Missouri, to produce his increasingly popular mead, or honey wine. 

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  • Different types of barbecue

    Different Styles of Barbecue

    If you eat meat, we’re willing to bet you have a favorite kind of barbecue.  Did a slab of ribs smothered in a thick, hickory sauce just pop into your head? How about a plate full of smoky burnt ends? (We may or may not be drooling.) Chances are, your go-to barbecue dish was heavily...

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  • Shop local - Groceries during pandemic

    Shop Kansas Farms: A New Way to Connect with Farmers

    Many Kansas want to connect directly with farmers and ranchers. Shop Kansas Farms is a Facebook group and website dedicated to doing just that.

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  • Unique holiday gift ideas for 2020

    Holiday Gift Ideas

    The gift-giving season is here! And as much as we love to spread holiday cheer, sometimes finding the perfect present can feel more like searching for a needle in a haystack… ...until now! To help you on your shopping journey, we’ve put together a few suggestions for stocking stuffers,...

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  • Family holiday selfie thumbnail

    How to Host a Scaled-Back Thanksgiving

    We love the holiday season as much as the next person, but sometimes throwing a full, over-the-top Thanksgiving with a multiple-course meal isn’t in the cards. Whether you’re short on time or need to dial down the celebration for other reasons, we’re here to help.  Follow these tips to...

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  • Best Thanksgiving recipes - holiday table

    Plan the Perfect Side Dishes for Your Holiday Table

    Every year it seems like the holidays hit the stores earlier and earlier. Don’t get us wrong, we love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but seeing décor on the shelves in August seems a bit too soon, right? Once the calendar flips to fall, we’re ready to go full steam ahead into holiday...

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  • Gluten-free bakery cupcakes in Kansas

    Queen Marie’s: Revolutionizing Gluten-Free Desserts

    They say necessity is the mother of invention. ...or is it confection?  Both ring true in the story of Rani Navarro-Force of Wathena who turned the aftermath of a mystery illness into a sweet business.  In 2011, Navarro-Force watched as her daughter’s health began to go downhill at an...

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  • Summer Squash Varieties

    Types of Summer Squash

    It’s hard to beat the taste of a perfectly ripe, fresh vegetable. With the hot Kansas weather in full swing, we’re especially grateful for the flavors of summer squash this season. Whether you’re looking for a new side dish or are curious about adding this vining veg to your garden, we...

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