• Grilling Tips

    Grilling Tips: How to Take Your Charcoal Grilling to the Next Level

    So, you’ve read our charcoal grill tips for beginners and successfully managed a few meals without burning the house down. Are you ready for the next level? If you’re looking to take things beyond beginner level, use these tips to up your grill game. 

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  • About Gooey Butter Cake History

    Iconic Midwest Foods

    America’s heartland is known for many things: farms, mesmerizing sunsets, tornadoes, a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps work ethic, waving fields of grain, starry skies — we could go on forever, but you get the picture. 

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  • Cotton growing in field

    Six Cotton Byproducts that Might Surprise You

    If you were asked to name a few products made from cotton, we’d be willing to bet “clothing” would be one of the first answers you’d give. And you would be correct! Cotton has been used to make attire for centuries, dating back to at least 5000 B.C.

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  • Ideas for a date night in

    Tips for Date Night at Home

    It’s easy to fall into the slump of routine. The hours tick by, the days blend together and you find yourself wondering how long it’s been since your last shower.  Or so we’ve been told... To break out of monotony without leaving the house, here are some tips to treat your partner — and...

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  • Man shopping in grocery store

    How Much Money Do Farmers Make?

    We all know the cost of food at the grocery store. We see the prices clearly marked on the shelves each visit. But, how much of that money is actually going to farmers?

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  • Varieties of Winter Squash

    Types of Winter Squash

    We love cooking with winter squash! These fun facts about winter squash will help you enjoy this hearty, yet sweet food on a whole new level!

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  • Easy Sheet Pan Dinner

    Easy Dinners for Busy Days

    You know those days when your ducks run amok despite your best efforts to get them all in a nice, neat row? Errands, work, kids’ sport practice, chores — don’t you wish there were an “easy button” for dinner? We’ve got some simple strategies and delicious recipes to help you conquer...

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  • Family fun in the kitchen

    Christmas Survival Guide

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Can you hear the carols? See the twinkling lights? Feel the stress of impending errands to run and house guests to entertain?  If your to-do list is longer than Santa’s with no elves in sight to help, don’t sweat it. Follow these tips to stay as...

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  • Old Farmers Almanac - Kansas Farmer

    About the Old Farmer’s Almanac

    What will the coming year hold? It may seem strange, but the answer is in your grocery store. While standing in line to check out, you’re sure to be bombarded by tempting sweets and scandalous gossip. But there’s a little gem quietly nestled between those bold flavors and giant headlines...

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  • Christmas table setting

    Find the Perfect Main Course for the Holidays

    In case you hadn’t noticed, the holiday season is here! It can be hard enough to figure out what to have for dinner tonight, much less weeks down the line. Sure, you’ve probably got a good handle on Thanksgiving, but what about beyond that? Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking...

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