Nutritious, Wholesome Food

We all want good food that’s good for us. When it comes to making healthier choices, you probably know you should eat your fruits and veggies, and exercise. But did you know Kansas ag can play a big part in a healthy lifestyle, too? Learn from nutritionists and other experts about healthy eating the Kansas way.

  • Back to school habits for families

    Healthy Habits for Back to School

    Get off to a great start of the school year! Incorporate some of these simple habits for a happy, healthy transition back to school.

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  • Garden ripe, fresh cucumbers

    Garden Harvest: What to Do with Extra Produce

    It's garden season! While we love our fresh produce, we can only consume so many fruits and veggies. What should you do with all that extra harvest? We have some tasty suggestions.

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  • How to compost

    Compost: Black Gold for Your Garden

    Want to have healthier soil to help your garden flourish? Try composting! Learn how to get started with our simple tips.

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  • Tips to Grow Herbs - Planting Basil

    Tips for Growing and Cooking With Herbs

    When a recipe calls for herbs, it doesn’t get any better than the flavor that comes from clipping them fresh. Plus, they’re super easy to grow! If you have a garden space, porch, patio, balcony or even just a sunny spot inside by a window, you can have fresh herbs. 10 Tasty Herbs to Grow...

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  • Keeping your family healthy

    Food to Boost Your Immune System

    Few things are worse than being cooped up in bed with a cold or sleeping on the bathroom floor during a particularly rough case of tummy troubles. Being under the weather is just the pits. And while there isn’t a foolproof way to avoid being sick ever again — please let us know if you’ve...

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  • Ariel Johnston registered dietitian

    Finding a Tasty Balance: Intuitive Eating

    Learn more about intuitive eating and how this approach can free you from a diet mentality as we talk with registered dietitian Airel Johnston of The Tasty Balance.

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  • Eating for energy - energetic mom

    Eat for Energy

    Life can get busy. To help you keep up, try eating some of these foods shown to help boost energy.

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  • Holiday sweets and healthy eating

    Tips to Navigate Holiday Eating

    Along with twinkling lights and visions of sugarplums, the holiday season can bring unwanted anxiety. Trying to stick to a diet, follow a healthy routine, not overeat and keep spirits bright is a tall order.  To help us navigate the stress of holiday feasting and encourage healthy...

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  • Calming effects of tea

    Foods that Fight Stress

    These foods that can help you manage your body’s stress response. Learn more!

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  • Fun Halloween activities

    How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

    The idea of spending Halloween at home doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make this the most spook-tacular holiday yet without leaving the house.  Candy Creations First on our list for a reason, candy is king on Halloween. Celebrate accordingly by chowing...

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