• Keeping your family healthy

    Food to Boost Your Immune System

    Few things are worse than being cooped up in bed with a cold or sleeping on the bathroom floor during a particularly rough case of tummy troubles. Being under the weather is just the pits. And while there isn’t a foolproof way to avoid being sick ever again — please let us know if you’ve...

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  • Ariel Johnston registered dietitian

    Finding a Tasty Balance: Intuitive Eating

    Learn more about intuitive eating and how this approach can free you from a diet mentality as we talk with registered dietitian Airel Johnston of The Tasty Balance.

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  • Eating for energy - energetic mom

    Eat for Energy

    Whew! We did it. We made it to a new year.  *Happy dance* If you’re like most people, flipping the calendar over means new goals, resolutions and (sometimes overwhelming) to-do lists. With so many exciting possibilities, it’s important to set yourself up for success by keeping your...

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  • Holiday sweets and healthy eating

    Tips to Navigate Holiday Eating

    Along with twinkling lights and visions of sugarplums, the holiday season can bring unwanted anxiety. Trying to stick to a diet, follow a healthy routine, not overeat and keep spirits bright is a tall order.  To help us navigate the stress of holiday feasting and encourage healthy...

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  • Calming effects of tea

    Foods that Fight Stress

    When you think of stress eating, you probably think of crunching on a bag of salty chips or spooning ice cream straight from the pint. (No? Just us?) We’re here to put a new spin on stress eating by highlighting foods that can actually help you manage your body’s stress response instead...

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  • Fun Halloween activities

    How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

    The idea of spending Halloween at home doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make this the most spook-tacular holiday yet without leaving the house.  Candy Creations First on our list for a reason, candy is king on Halloween. Celebrate accordingly by chowing...

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  • What to eat for healthy skin - yogurt fruit nut bowl

    Food to Feed Your Skin

    As cold weather creeps into Kansas bringing cozy sweaters, pumpkin lattes and fuzzy blankets, we can’t help but cheer for the turn of another season and the upcoming holidays. The last few months of the year have a lot to celebrate, but admittedly, there’s one thing we’re not looking...

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  • Sprayer on field

    Fertilizer and Your Food

    What is fertilizer? What does it do? Is it safe to use? Does it affect the food we eat? As people learn more about how their food is grown (hooray!), they naturally start to dig deeper and ask questions. (We love that!) Fertilizer is one of the topics people are curious about and...

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  • Woman inspecting a plant

    Common Late-Season Gardening Problems and How to Fix Them

    It’s a busy time to be alive. With so many balls in the air and new ones being tossed in daily, you have a lot to juggle. It’s easy to get wrapped up in other things and let your once-beautifully manicured vegetable and flower gardens drop lower on your priority list. Even your...

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  • Sorghum Nutrition and Nutrients

    Health Benefits of Sorghum

    Sorghum, also called milo, is one of the top crops in Kansas. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a great grain to introduce to your diet. (And if you are familiar with it, you already know it’s a great staple to serve at your table!) 

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