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Cook pork as you would cook your steak. Not sure how you prefer your steak? Grab a meat thermometer and try cooking pork to 145 degrees, followed by a three-minute rest time.

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Add more protein to your bread by mixing 7 cups of wheat flour with 1 cup of soy flour. It doesn’t change the baking qualities of the flour and gives your bread a longer shelf life. 

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Freeze pork chops in marinade. This saves time when you thaw them for the grill and makes for a tender, flavorful dinner!

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Fun Facts

Did you know Kansas farmers grow about 330 million bushels of wheat each year? That’s enough to make 23 billion loaves of bread!

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Gluten-free grains have no caloric advantage over grains containing gluten like wheat, barley and rye. All carbohydrates have four calories per gram. Gluten-free foods are often higher in fat and...

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Energy experts estimate global ethanol production and use reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 110 million metric tons per year. That’s equivalent to taking more than 20 million vehicles off the road.

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Q: Do farmers use chemicals on their crops?

A: Yes, farmers use chemicals to control weeds and pests, but to make sure crops are free from the chemicals, they wait a specified...

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Q: What do the different colors of sorghum mean?

A: Sorghum plants come in two main colors: purple and tan. Tan sorghum can be milled into a nice white flour for gluten-free food....

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Q: Why don’t I see sorghum at the store?

A: Many consumers are becoming more interested in ancient grains that are non-GMO, gluten-free, healthy,and environmentally friendly...

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