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Add more protein to your bread by mixing 7 cups of wheat flour with 1 cup of soy flour. It doesn’t change the baking qualities of the flour and gives your bread a longer shelf life. 

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Always keep vegetable oil on hand. This versatile, healthy kitchen staple is made of soybeans, is a good source of vitamin E, contains Omega-3s, and has zero trans fats.

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To steam veggies on the grill, make a foil packet with double layers of foil. Then add vegetables, seasoning and water. Fold and seal the packet and cook over indirect heat.

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Fun Facts

Did you know that Americans consume about 132 pounds of wheat flour per person each year?

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98 percent of all corn farms are family-run farms.

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Within an hour of birth calves are up and ready to nurse. A baby calf will drink a gallon of milk a day.

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Q: What percentage of America’s farms and ranches are family-owned?

A: A whopping 97 percent of American farms are owned by families.

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Q: Do farmers use chemicals on their crops?

A: Yes, farmers use chemicals to control weeds and pests, but to make sure crops are free from the chemicals, they wait a specified...

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Q: Where does vegetable oil come from?

A: Soybeans! Check the label — there’s a good chance the vegetable oil you get at the grocery is 100 percent soybean oil. A soybean...

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