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98 percent of all corn farms are family-run farms.

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Beef from cows and steers are used in two different ways. . Cow meat is used primarily as ground beef for hamburgers and the majority of steer meat is used as steaks.

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Kansas grows winter wheat that is planted and sprouts in the fall, becomes dormant in the winter, grows again in the spring and is harvested in early summer.

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Participate in the Kansas Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers conference. It's a great meeting of “farmer minds” that provides enormous knowledge, enjoyment and value. (Clint and...

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Cook pork as you would cook your steak. Not sure how you prefer your steak? Grab a meat thermometer and try cooking pork to 145 degrees, followed by a three-minute rest time.

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"If you take care of your animals and the land they live on, they will produce a healthy and nutritious product in return.” (Kent Condray)

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Q: Who is the number #1 consumer of soybean meal?

A: Animal agriculture! That includes poultry, pigs, dairy and beef cows, sheep and more! Soybean meal is an excellent source of...

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Q: Why don’t I see sorghum at the store?

A: Many consumers are becoming more interested in ancient grains that are non-GMO, gluten-free, healthy,and environmentally friendly...

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Q: How many pig farmers are there in Kansas?

A: There are about 1,000 hog farms in Kansas and over 90% of them are family owned.

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