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Make the sweetest and juiciest corn on the cob in four easy steps! Add sweetness of sugar and tang of lemon juice to boiling water, add the corn, remove from heat after 2-minutes and enjoy!

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Sifting flour is only necessary if a recipe calls for it. But you’ll always want to stir flour to "loosen" it before measuring.

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Dietary Guidelines recommend 3 servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy foods daily. Together, milk, cheese, and yogurt provide nine essential nutrients, including calcium, potassium, phosphorus,...

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Fun Facts

Did you know there are 15,000 soybean farms in Kansas? In 2016, Kansas farmers harvested more than 4 million acres of soybeans.

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Within an hour of birth calves are up and ready to nurse. A baby calf will drink a gallon of milk a day.

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2016 was a record year for Kansas corn. We produced 699 million bushels, topping the previous record set in 2009 by 17 percent!

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Q: Are cattle used for purposes other than food?

A: Yes! Cattle can also be used to make shoes, basketballs, gum, marshmallows, soap, medicines, glue and more!

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Q: How many different GMO crops are there?

A: There are currently nine crops commercially available in the United States. They include alfalfa, canola, corn (field and sweet...

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Q: What is field corn used for?

A: Field corn is used to feed cattle and to make biofuels like ethanol. It can also be used in plastics, fabrics and batteries.

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