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Pork tenderloin is as lean as a skinless chicken breast.

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There are 7 different breeds of dairy cattle. Farmers choose their breeds based on milk production, size and even personality.

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There are four main types of sorghum: grain, forage, biomass and sweet. Their most popular uses are: for food (grain sorghum), as livestock feed (forage sorghum), to produce bioenergy (biomass...

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To freeze sweet corn, you need to cook it first. To keep from over-cooking it, cool it quickly in cold tap water, then ice water. Strain excess water, then bag, seal and freeze.

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Fresh cuts of pork, like roasts, chops and tenderloin, can be kept well-wrapped in the freezer up to six months. Well-wrapped ground pork can be kept for about three months in the freezer.

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When shopping for pork, try the same cuts that you like for beef. They have similar names because they come from similar part of the animals. (And you can prepare them the same ways!)

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Q: Is flavored milk a good choice for kids?

A: Yes. Chocolate and other flavored milks contain the same nine essential nutrients as white milk, and they are a healthful...

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Q: Does wheat come from genetically engineered seed?

A: There is no genetically-modified wheat commercially available in the world’s food supply.

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Q: Do farmers use chemicals on their crops?

A: Yes, farmers use chemicals to control weeds and pests, but to make sure crops are free from the chemicals, they wait a specified...

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