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For a kick, flavor vinegar with fresh herbs. Bruise one cup of leaves for every two cups of white wine or delicate vinegar. Allow to steep for two weeks.

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Cook pork as you would cook your steak. Not sure how you prefer your steak? Grab a meat thermometer and try cooking pork to 145 degrees, followed by a three-minute rest time.

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Make the sweetest and juiciest corn on the cob in four easy steps! Add sweetness of sugar and tang of lemon juice to boiling water, add the corn, remove from heat after 2-minutes and enjoy!

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Fun Facts

For a dessert to officially be considered ice cream, it must contain at least 10 percent milkfat.

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There are 7 different breeds of dairy cattle. Farmers choose their breeds based on milk production, size and even personality.

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One Kansas farmer raises enough food to feed about 155 people!

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Q: Why is soil health important?

A: Healthy soil is full of nutrients that help plants grow. Without those important nutrients, farmers wouldn’t be able to raise our...

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Q: Do dairy farmers use sustainable practices on their farms?

A: Producing a gallon of milk today requires 90 percent less cropland, 65 percent less water, and has a 63 percent lower carbon...

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Q: Can family farms be owned by corporations?

A: Not exactly. Some families might incorporate their farms for tax purposes, but for the most part these farms are multi-...

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