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Did you know the corn humans eat is different from the corn that cattle eat? Most of the corn people eat is sweet  corn. Cattle and other livestock eat field corn.

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In 2016 Kansas farmers will harvest 264 million bushels of grain sorghum off 2.9 million acres.  That’s a 91 bushel average, up 3 bushels per acre from last year.

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Soybean oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

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Add more protein to your bread by mixing 7 cups of wheat flour with 1 cup of soy flour. It doesn’t change the baking qualities of the flour and gives your bread a longer shelf life. 

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Buying larger cuts of beef and slicing them into steaks at home can save you at least a dollar or two per pound. Freeze individually or serve when entertaining a group.  

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When cooking meats, safe internal temperatures should be: Poultry (ground and cuts): 165 degrees; other ground meats: 160 degrees; beef, pork and lamb: 145 degrees.

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Q: How many kernels does an ear of corn have?

A: The average ear of corn has approximately 400 to 600 kernels arranged in 16 rows. Rows per ear can range from 12 to 20. On...

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Q: Is it safe to eat beef from cattle treated with antibiotics?

A: Yes. When an animal gets sick, farmers, ranchers and veterinarians carefully evaluate the administration of antibiotics and use...

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Q: How many pounds of soybeans are in a bushel?

A: Sixty pounds! In Kansas, a farmer can produce an average 39 bushels an acre.

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