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Dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh, and powdered herbs are more concentrated than dried. Each herb is slightly different, but a starting formula is: ¼ teaspoon powdered...

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Make the sweetest and juiciest corn on the cob in four easy steps! Add sweetness of sugar and tang of lemon juice to boiling water, add the corn, remove from heat after 2-minutes and enjoy!

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Always keep vegetable oil on hand. This versatile, healthy kitchen staple is made of soybeans, is a good source of vitamin E, contains Omega-3s, and has zero trans fats.

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Fun Facts

Did you know that one acre of soybeans can produce 82,368 crayons?

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Farmers in Kansas grow more than 650 million bushels of corn each year. 

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Gluten-free grains have no caloric advantage over grains containing gluten like wheat, barley and rye. All carbohydrates have four calories per gram. Gluten-free foods are often higher in fat and...

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Q: Is dairy good for you?

A: Dairy products have calcium to keep our bones strong. It also provides many other essential nutrients, helps control diabetes and...

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Q: Where does vegetable oil come from?

A: Soybeans! Check the label — there’s a good chance the vegetable oil you get at the grocery is 100 percent soybean oil. A soybean...

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Q: How much land is an acre?

A: An acre is a measure of area. It can be any shape as long as it equals 43,560 square feet. Engineers typically use 100,000 square...

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