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Dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh, and powdered herbs are more concentrated than dried. Each herb is slightly different, but a starting formula is: ¼ teaspoon powdered...

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For a kick, flavor vinegar with fresh herbs. Bruise one cup of leaves for every two cups of white wine or delicate vinegar. Allow to steep for two weeks.

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When cooking meats, safe internal temperatures should be: Poultry (ground and cuts): 165 degrees; other ground meats: 160 degrees; beef, pork and lamb: 145 degrees.

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Fun Facts

Sorghum can be used to make environmentally-friendly packing peanuts, fencing materials, floral arrangements, brooms and more!

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Did you know that in Kansas cows outnumber people 2-to1? There are almost 3 million people and more than 6 million cattle!

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A finished bale of cotton weighs about 480 pounds.

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Q: What do pigs eat?

A: Most pigs eat a diet of corn, soybeans, vitamins and minerals. Much of the corn and soybeans fed on Kansas farms will be grown by...

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Q: Who is the number #1 consumer of soybean meal?

A: Animal agriculture! That includes poultry, pigs, dairy and beef cows, sheep and more! Soybean meal is an excellent source of...

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Q: What causes wheat sensitivity?

A: There is a specific gene that causes people to develop celiac disease.

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