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When shopping for pork, try the same cuts that you like for beef. They have similar names because they come from similar part of the animals. (And you can prepare them the same ways!)

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To get that delicious steakhouse steak at home, try simply seasoning it with salt and black pepper and grilling for 13 minutes on a charcoal grill or 11 minutes  on a gas grill.

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"If you take care of your animals and the land they live on, they will produce a healthy and nutritious product in return.” (Kent Condray)

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Fun Facts

There are more than 29 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for lean, including tenderloin, T-bone steak and extra lean ground beef.

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Cattle are great recyclers. They convert natural resources that would otherwise be wasted into beef, an edible protein containing 10 essential nutrients such as zinc, iron and B vitamins.  

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The journey from the time a calf is conceived to the time beef is consumed takes 24-30 months and thousands of miles—from ranches, farms, feed yards and packing plants to grocery stores and...

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Q: How many pig farmers are there in Kansas?

A: There are about 1,000 hog farms in Kansas and over 90% of them are family owned.

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Q: Can family farms be owned by corporations?

A: Not exactly. Some families might incorporate their farms for tax purposes, but for the most part these farms are multi-...

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Q: How many seeds are in a sorghum plant?

A: A single head of sorghum can have 750-1,250 seeds.

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