• Sorghum Seed

    What Are the Different Types of Sorghum?

    Sorghum, also called milo, is truly a versatile crop. It’s one of the top five cereal crops in the world and can be grown as a grain, forage or sweet crop. The United States is the world’s largest producer of sorghum. The Sorghum Belt runs from South Dakota to Southern Texas. The top-...

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  • Kansas Wheat Innovation Center

    Kansas Wheat Innovation Center

    If someone asked me where wheat comes from, I’d probably run through the growing process: farmers plant seeds, tend to their crops, and harvest the grain at the end of the season. Pretty straightforward, right? Well, there might be a little more to it than that! I recently got a look...

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  • Specialty Crops

    The Next Big Thing in Ag? Small Crops

    Corn, wheat, sorghum — these crops are Kansas staples. But the next big thing in farming just might be something small — small crops, that is. Popular specialty crops like tomatoes, berries and carrots are on the rise in Kansas, according to a recent report by the Kansas Department of...

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  • Bee Pollinator

    The Buzz on Pollinators

    Each day we enjoy the benefits of pollinators like bees and butterflies without realizing it. From the food we eat to the plants we enjoy, pollinators are responsible for all of it. In fact, one in every three bites we take is provided by pollinators!

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  • Kansas Wheat Varieties

    What Are the Different Types of Wheat?

    You stuffed yourself with Thanksgiving pie and warm rolls in November. And the smell of Christmas cookies baking fills the air in December. You know you can count on your family’s special baked good, shared year after year, during the holiday season. But, you might not realize that each...

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  • Beef Stuffing

    How to Entertain for a Crowd

    It’s fun to have a full house of happy, well-fed people, but cooking for a crowd can be intimidating, even for the most experienced host. 

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  • Mother and Daughter with Pressure Cooker

    Spotlight on Pressure Cookers

    You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about pressure cookers — They’re so fast! They’re so easy! They’re so fast! Well, it’s all true. And, depending on the model you get, they just might be able to replace some of your other kitchen appliances.

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  • Gathering for Pizza

    Behind the Scenes of Pizza Night

    How often does your family have pizza at home? If you’re like the average American family, you probably have it a little more than once every two weeks — that’s 30 pizzas per family in a year. Maybe you’re even ABOVE average! You can trace many of pizza’s best ingredients right back to...

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  • Farmer with Soil

    The Dirt on Kansas Soil

    Maybe you’ve watched your kids making mud pies, marveling at growing flowers, or just tracking dirt in the house! As fun (or aggravating) as that might be, you might not realize just how important that ‘dirt’ is to the food we enjoy eating every day. It’s so important, in fact, that we...

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  • Juicy hamburger

    Behind the Scenes of Dinner on the Grill

    What would cooking on your grill be like without a Kansas farmer or rancher? It would probably resemble a sad pile of burning coals with no juicy steaks or burgers to tempt you. Let’s take a look at this amazing American tradition that features a lot of delicious Kansas-grown food.

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