• Sugar vs High fructose corn syrup

    Which Is Better: Sugar or High-Fructose Corn Syrup

    High-fructose corn syrup has gotten a bad rap, but it’s not as bad as people fear. In fact, it’s almost identical to table sugar in how our bodies process it. And what about  the corn syrup we use to make pecan pie? Where does that fit in? Choosing the best option can get downright...

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  • Foods that are high in protein

    Animal Protein vs Plant Protein

    Here’s a question we get a lot: Which is better, animal protein or plant protein? Our short answer is, both! Including both sources of protein is crucial in a well-balanced diet. We’ll break down why.

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  • Is meat safe to eat - boy eating hamburger

    Are Hormones in Beef Safe?

    Hormones are sometimes used in beef production and many people have questions about them. Is the beef safe to eat? Why use hormones anyway? What’s the process? We want to shed some light on all these questions so you can feel confident that beef is safe for you and your family to eat.

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  • Raw Milk: is it safe to drink

    Get the Facts About Raw Milk

    Perhaps you’ve heard about raw milk. Some people believe it’s a healthy, wholesome form of dairy. However, raw milk can contain harmful bacteria. That’s why it’s illegal for raw milk to be sold in retail outlets in Kansas, although farmers can sell raw milk directly on their farms. We...

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  • How to cook sorghum

    How to Cook with Sorghum

    Have you tried cooking with sorghum? This grain has been around for centuries, but it’s recently started to become popular in kitchens across the United States. You can find it alongside grains like bulgur and quinoa at your grocery store. Sorghum has a slightly nutty flavor and goes...

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  • Lean cuts of meat and heart health

    Eating Lean Red Meat Can Support Heart Health

    Too often, eating well seems to mean giving up eating things we love! On top of that, diet trends are always shifting and it’s hard to separate fad from fact. A new study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition gave us good news on both fronts.

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  • Back to school breakfast

    Back to School Means Back to School Meals

    As students head back to school across Kansas, there’s a big readjustment for the whole family. Do you feel like your morning routine is off kilter? Are you out the door too early for a sit-down meal? Do you struggle to remember to remind your kids to grab a yogurt or cheese stick from...

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  • wheat blog kids in the kitchen

    Cooking with Kids

    Getting kids in the kitchen has many benefits. Not only are children more likely to eat foods they help prepare, but involving them in the kitchen from a young age can also instill a love for cooking and help teach them fundamental life skills.

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  • Wheat Carbohydrates

    Are Carbohydrates Good for You?

    Conduct a quick search for carbohydrates or carbs and you’ll likely end up confused about whether or not carbs are good for you. Several popular diets claim that carbohydrates are bad for your health and are associated with weight gain. However, science and evidence-based research show us...

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  • Wheat Packable Snacks

    Packable Snacks: Tips for Busy Parents

    “I’m hungry!” “What is there to eat?” Parents hear these phrases on an almost daily basis! As a mom of two kiddos and a Registered Dietitian, it’s important to me to have snacks on hand that aren’t just empty calories but contribute to my children’s balanced diet.

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