• Enriched Grains Help Prevent Birth Defects

    Six Tips to Safely Store Leftovers

    Who doesn’t love leftovers?! Enjoy a delicious feast for days, or save some time by prepping several meals in one fell swoop. But to ensure those leftovers don’t make you sick, you’ll want to follow these tips for food storage. 

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  • Get the Power of Protein with Beef

    Get the Power of Protein with Beef

    If you’re looking for a great way to start the new year, try including more high-quality protein in your daily diet. The easiest and most delicious way to do that is by adding lean beef to the menu. 

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  • KFB Resource Nutrition Ebook

    Focus On What Matters: Nutrition & Health Ebook

    With so many choices and opinions swirling around food, it can be overwhelming to determine what's worth worrying about. We tapped a registered dietitian for some pointers on how to decide what should — and shouldn’t — be on our food radar.  

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  • Dairy Blog Food Waste

    Reduce Food Waste in the New Year

    A few simple steps to reduce food waste in your home can benefit your budget, the environment and your community. That is a new year’s resolution we can stand behind all year long!

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  • kfb quick ham and beans

    Great Ways to Use Holiday Leftovers

    The holidays often feature big meals that leave us with tasty leftovers to enjoy for days to come. But even delicious leftovers can start to feel ho-hum after awhile.

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  • Dairy Glass of Milk

    What Do Milk Fat Percentages Mean?

    There are a lot of options for milk in the supermarket aisle: skim, 1 percent, 2 percent and whole milk, plus flavored milks. How do you know what’s best for your family? We spell it out for you.

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  • soy healthy benefits

    Eat Soy for a Health Boost

    Soy is loaded with nutrients that benefit your health. The next time you’re in the grocery, add soy to your list!  

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  • Wheat: A Treat for Your Healthy Diet

    October is a month to be spooked by ghouls and goblins, not the food on your plate! Ramping up your nutrition know-how can be a frightening task, but wheat is the perfect fit for many looking to add a jump start to their diet.

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  • Best Food Facts

    Best Food Facts is dedicated to all things food! Their mission is to bring you all the information you ever wanted to know about the endless food choices and questions facing you and your family every day. It’s a tall order, but they have a network of more than 200 food system experts who...

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  • Soy Connection

    Soy Connection

    Soy Connection is a great resource to learn more about the power and value of soy in your diet. From soy-focused recipes, to health and nutrition information, to information on biotechnology, it has everything you need to elevate your soy wisdom. Visit Soy Connection

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