• Field of sorghum

    Trade Wars and Mother Nature: How Farmers Decide What and When to Plant

    Jim Sipes has farming in his blood. He’s the fifth generation in his family to farm and currently works with the fourth generation—his father and uncle—in Southwest Kansas. He started farming straight out of college and remembers losing sleep early on in his career when he would stress...

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  • School lunch cafeteria - Farm to Plate program

    Farm to Plate Programs Are a Big Hit in Kansas Schools

    Eating local isn’t a movement just for fancy restaurants. Thanks to the Kansas State Department of Education, it’s also for school lunches. No more scoop of mush on a tray. Farm-to-plate programs throughout the state are helping schools incorporate local meats, vegetables and fruits in...

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  • Kid-Friendly Museums in Kansas

    Get Your Kids off the Screen and Thinking About the Real World

    “Just one more episode!”  “I’m almost done!” “Five more minutes? Please?!”  Whether it’s a tablet, TV or phone, convincing your kids to disengage from their technology can be a challenge.  And once they have their eyes on you and not their screens, what is there to do? Trying to...

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  • Biodiesel fuel at the gas pump thumbnail

    Choose the Environment, Farmers and Biodiesel

    Filling up at the fuel pump is a regular ritual for everyone. That full tank means we can commute to work, school, the grocery store or even our favorite restaurant. Doesn’t it make sense to choose an environmentally friendly fuel? 

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  • How to make edible soil Header

    Go Ahead — Eat Some Dirt!

    Eating dirt is a bad thing, right? Not when we’re talking about edible soil! This fun STEM activity is a great way to teach kids about the layers of minerals and organisms under their feet. And it tastes good. We promise.

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  • Soil Underwear Activity for Gardening and Farming

    Get Ready to Soil Your Undies

    There’s a movement that’s been taking root over the past few years called the Soil My Undies challenge. (Don’t worry, things aren’t about to get gross.) The challenge is actually about testing your soil’s health by burying underwear.  Here’s how it works:

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  • Day at the Ranch Kansas policy makers

    Kansas Lawmakers Experience Life on a Farm

    What happens on the farm doesn’t stay on the farm. It affects all of us — from the food we eat to the economy of Kansas to our very culture. That’s why events like Day at the Ranch are so important. Day at the Ranch is an annual event that introduces people to what life on a farm is ...

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  • Farmer driving equipment

    To Till or Not to Till

    That is the question many crop farmers ask themselves. The tradition of tilling is pretty interesting — and pretty important for the environment! Even if you don’t have to worry about how to manage fields, if you’ve ever had to manage any aspect of a household (and haven’t we all?!), you...

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  • Grilling Tips for Beginners

    Charcoal Grill Tips for Beginners

    Clear skies, shining sun and a backyard barbeque with mouth-watering food sizzling on the grill… Can you picture it? Summer is officially here! If you’re worried your grill skills (or lack thereof!) will have your friends calling for the fire department instead of seconds, you’re not...

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  • Family ranch vacations in Kansas

    Visit a Ranch in Kansas

    School’s out and summer has begun! Although we often dream of relaxing getaways, this is the busiest time of year for many of us — “Did Olivia make it to soccer practice?” “Who’s picking Tyler up from camp?!”  With family members running, swimming and dancing in different directions, it...

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