• Hereford beef cattle grazing

    Four Surprising Facts About Beef Sustainability

    Sustainable farming is a major buzzword right now, with good reason! The future of our planet is important. Farmers and ranchers take every measure to protect their land while producing food to feed the world. Incorporating environmentally friendly practices on their land just makes sense...

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  • Home Baking Workshop 4H National Congress

    The Home Baking Association Wants to Help You Bake

    There’s something about baking that just says “love.” Maybe it’s the buttery aromas wafting from the kitchen or the chewy, flaky, spongy goodies that emerge steaming from the oven.  Sharon Davis would argue it’s the act of baking itself that makes it so worthwhile.

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  • Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead Entry

    Step Back in Time at the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

    In the heart of Overland Park is a little gem where visitors of all ages can step back in time and experience Kansas’ rich heritage. Or, perhaps we should say it’s a big gem, because it stretches across 12 acres and features animals, historic buildings and activities for the whole family...

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  • what's a grain elevator THUMBNAIL

    How Do Grain Elevators Work?

      You’ve probably driven by dozens of grain elevators, and you probably know they’re used to store something like corn or wheat. Beyond that, your knowledge might be a little sketchy. Grain elevators play a big part in farming businesses across the country, especially here in Kansas. So...

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  • Heifer in wheat field at sunset

    What’s the Difference Between Beef and Dairy Cattle?

    A cow is a cow is a cow, right? Not so fast! We’ve talked with ranchers who carefully select the cattle they work with and monitor the genetic makeup of their breeding stock. But is there a difference between the cattle that become steak and those that give us ice cream? There sure is!

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  • What is ethanol?

    Ethanol Plants in Kansas

    What Is Ethanol? Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, is a renewable biofuel made from plants, unlike fossil fuel. Fuels containing ethanol burn  more cleanly than regular gas, which helps reduce harmful emissions from cars and other machinery. Together, ethanol boosts the octane in regular gas,...

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  • Mooing cows

    Why Do Cows Moo?

    Perhaps you’ve driven down a country road, seen a herd of cows and rolled your window down to call “moooooo” as you pass. No? Just me? Well, it turns out, I might actually have been saying hello. (Or saying something.) Cows moo to communicate with each other. Researchers know it and...

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  • Test Your Kansas IQ

    How Kansas Are You?

    Take our quiz to find out!

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  • Rustic cedar Christmas decorations

    Decorate a Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree

    We love the holidays because something as simple as the first snowflake or a treasured ornament can conjure up a wealth of wonderful memories. For many, choosing and decorating a Christmas tree is a tradition held dear. 

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  • Fruitcake

    What Holiday Food Are You?

    Let's face it, things get stressful this time of year. Sometimes we'd rather hide under the covers and take personality quizzes until it's time to eat. We decided to give you a break so you can do just that! Curl up and take our quiz to find out which holiday food matches your...

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