• Baby in barn with chicks - spring chickens

    Five Signs of Spring in Kansas

    Spring always feels like it’s never going to arrive. Little by little, we get glimpses of what’s to come. Then there’s an explosion of green grass and pastel blooms, warm days and thunderstorms, baseball games and picnics. Spring has sprung! Here in Kansas, we have our own distinct signs...

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  • Fish made of bread dough

    A Farm to Fingers Food Challenge

    How many parents have told their children “don’t play with your food” over the years? You may have caught yourself uttering those very words as your kiddos listlessly pushed food around a plate or made props out of produce well past the age where that sort of thing is considered adorable.

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  • Woman in a sunflower field

    Why Kansas Is the Sunflower State

    Kansans everywhere are united by our love of the sunflower. There’s something nostalgic and just plain happy about bright yellow petals bursting in full bloom.  But what makes Kansas the Sunflower State? When did this love affair begin? While the honor became official in 1903 when the...

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  • Empty shelves at the grocery store

    Trending Topics on Farming and the Food Supply During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    There’s no doubt times are tough right now. With so much to navigate — new routines, extra responsibilities and ongoing stress — we can easily get worn down. As we look for the positive amidst the worry, we’re encouraged to see more people taking an interest in where their food comes from.

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  • Why farmers burn fields

    Five Reasons Ranchers Burn Their Pastures

    Did you know less than four percent of the original tallgrass prairie remains in America? Most of that is in the Flint Hills of Kansas. The prairie is composed of native grasses — not planted by any human. Even though it was designed by nature, it’s mankind's responsibility to help...

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  • Science and technology in food production

    Three Farming Technologies Solving Global Problems

    Turning on the news or scrolling through your feed can be quite a downer. Negative stories are everywhere and it can be hard to find the thin, silver linings.  We don’t think everything is all doom and gloom, though! Actually, there’s a lot to celebrate. This is especially true in the...

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  • Cotton plant

    Cotton Ginning in Kansas

    You might remember the name Eli Whitney from grade school. He invented the cotton gin in the late 1790s. A lot has changed since then — paved roads, electricity, the internet — but the basic principle of cotton gins remains the same. They remove seeds and other debris to prepare cotton...

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  • Close up on farmer hands

    The Difference Between a Farmer and a Rancher

    Crocodiles and alligators. Ghosts and spirits. Farmers and ranchers. Since this is an ag-related forum, let’s talk about that last pair for a minute — is there really a difference? (Although maybe we’ll dive into alligators and crocodiles later, who knows?)

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  • Golden field of wheat

    Why Wheat Is a Kansas Staple

    Close your eyes and picture Kansas. What springs to mind? If we had to guess, we’d wager there was wheat involved.  Kansas conjures thoughts of golden fields — delicate stalks rippling in the breeze as far as the eye can see.  But why is Kansas so solidly linked to wheat in our minds?...

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  • Footballs made from animal products

    Seven Everyday Items with Animal Byproducts

    When we think of animal agriculture, we often think of hogs and cattle being raised for food. But animals are used for more than meat, and they play a huge role in our everyday lives, even when we have no clue. Animals provide different chemicals, compounds and materials that can be used...

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