Ham Health Facts

Ham Health Facts

If you love the taste of ham and want to eat healthy, you’re in luck! Ham, especially lean ham, is a great choice for your family. 

Lean ham has only about 112 calories per 3-ounce serving. Plus, it packs a powerful nutrient punch. As with many meats, ham is a great source of protein. But did you know it’s also one of the richest sources of thiamin and vitamin B-1? It also provides an array of other vitamins and minerals, including: 

  • Iron 
  • Zinc 
  • Niacin 
  • Vitamin B-6 
  • Vitamin B-12 
  • Riboflavin 
  • Potassium

As you can see, ham can be a real nutrition powerhouse. But remember that not all ham is created equal. Cuts not marked as lean will be a bit higher in fat content. Different preparation like honey-glazed ham can up the calorie count. Ham can also be high in sodium. If salt is a concern for you, look for labels with “low sodium” and check the nutrition label to be sure it’s at a level you can tolerate. 

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