Learn How You Can Fuel Green Energy

As American consumers we’re blessed with the opportunity to make choices. These choices spread from the grocery store all the way to the fuel pump. It’s human nature to grab the nozzle and start fueling our vehicles without a second thought. But ethanol is a choice you should consider at the fuel pump. Why? Ethanol is an American-made fuel that reduces our dependence on foreign oil and is more environmentally friendly.

Using ethanol creates American jobs. According to the Economic Impacts of Ethanol, Renewable Fuels Association, “In 2015, the production of 14.7 billion gallons of ethanol supported 85,967 direct jobs in renewable fuel production and agriculture, as well as 271,440 indirect and induced jobs across all sectors of the economy.”

Ethanol is created from crops such as corn and grain sorghum, and is domestically produced, which reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Research from the Renewable Fuels Association shows that in 2015 ethanol displaced gasoline refined from 527 million barrels of crude oil. That’s slightly more than the amount of oil imported annually from Saudi Arabia.

It’s important to continue improving our environment and reducing our carbon footprint. According to the Renewable Fuels Association, the use of ethanol in gasoline in 2015 reduced CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by 41.2 million metric tons. That’s equivalent to removing 8.7 million cars from the road for an entire year!

Over the years, we’ve put ethanol in just about everything—pickups, cars, airplanes, speed boats, and motorcycles.

For more information on ethanol and to find a station near you, check out our ethanol resource page or visit www.chooseethanol.com.

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