Meet Five Kansas Dairy Farm Moms Just Like You

How are you going to celebrate the moms in your life this Mother’s Day? As a new mom (Can you say “new” two years after childbirth?), motherhood still feels challenging to describe. I try to keep the newness in perspective; we came home with our daughter — not an instruction manual!  

Luckily, I haven’t navigated motherhood alone. The #dairymom tribe is here for me, and you too. What is a dairy mom, you ask? It’s a tribe of women who share a passion for motherhood and all things dairy. Thanks to Midwest Dairy, we share our experiences on social media using #dairymom. Check out the feed and join the tribe — no farming required!

There are a few dairy farm moms from my home state, I thought you should get to know this Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Kristina Haverkamp

Kristina Haverkamp, Kelly Hills Dairy

“What surprises me most about being a mom and grandma is the changes I’ve seen in my lifetime, and all the changes and progress I see every day. I am not afraid of change or progress because with it comes growth and wisdom.  I always try to keep an open mind and am willing to try new things.”

Kristina Haverkamp, Kelly Hills Dairy in Seneca; pictured above with her daughter and grandson. 

Ronda Meier

Ronda Meier

“I have that unfortunate personality trait called perfectionism. Life with children is chaotic, messy and disorganized. Any attempt to achieve perfection was clearly just setting myself up for failure. Before kids, I would think I'm so tired, there is nothing more exhausting than having kids. But, we still get up and do it all over the next day because we love our children unconditionally. I truly can't think of any other time in my life that I have thought about my strengths, but also my failings. I never thought I would worry about how my children perceive me, but my greatest hope, is that I have been someone they are proud to call mom.”  

Ronda Meier, Meier Dairy in Palmer; pictured above with her husband, five children, their spouses and six grandchildren.

Melissa Hildebrand

Melissa Hildebrand

“I never expected to be a real domestic mom/wife. Growing up, I always enjoyed being outside and playing with the boys per say. Since becoming a mom, I've been surprised by how much I enjoy cooking a good meal for my family, baking for friends, decorating our home, and tending my flowers. All things my own mom loved to do that I never took an interest in when I was younger. Boy, can kids change things.” 

Melissa Hildebrand, Hildebrand Farms Dairy in Junction City; pictured with her husband and two sons.

Jennifer Heim

Jennifer Heim

“My favorite thing about being a mom is watching [son] Dominic learn and discover new things. It really makes you appreciate everything around you when you watch someone discover [the world] for the first time. My mom has always said she may have gone a little too far in raising me to be independent, and even in this journey of motherhood, she’s really let me find my own way. I probably wouldn’t have been receptive to a lot of advice, but I appreciate that my mom has always been extremely supportive and encouraging.”

Jennifer Heim, Heim Dairy Farm LLC in Easton; pictured above with her son. 

Mary Jane Miller

Mary Jane Miller

“My mother's advice, "What is worth doing, is worth doing right!"  (Also, she taught me to be flexible, because on a dairy [farm] plans change.) Probably the thing that surprises me most about becoming a mother is that I took and take time to be observant, paying attention to detail.” 

Mary Jane Miller, Miller Dairy in Hutchinson; pictured above with her husband and four children.

Sami Carter is an ambassador for dairy farmers and an advocate for enjoying all dairy foods. She works on behalf of 7,000 dairy farm families across 10 states in the Midwest, including Kansas.