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Midwest Dairy™ represents dairy farm families and works diligently on their behalf to build demand for dairy by inspiring consumer confidence in our region's dairy products and production practices. We’re bringing dairy to life for a better world with exciting flavors, convenient products, memorable experiences and credible information. We're funded by farmers across a 10-state region, including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. Midwest Dairy is also dedicated to dairy nutrition research and education, and is committed to child health and wellness through our collaborative program, Fuel Up to Play 60.

Midwest Dairy weaves through 100 years of dairy history. Farmers in Iowa, Missouri and eastern Kansas formed Midland Dairy Association in 1971. Their counterparts in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota combined their state promotional organizations in 1993, forming the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council of the Upper Midwest. These two larger organizations joined forces in 2000, forming the Midwest Dairy Association and adding dairy farmers and territory in Arkansas, western Kansas and eastern Oklahoma. The American Dairy Association of Illinois joined Midwest Dairy a year later. The American Dairy Association/Dairy Council of Nebraska became part of Midwest Dairy Association in 2011.

We are proud to represent over 4,800 dairy farms to 39 million consumers across our region.

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