Kansas Food Bloggers

Kansas Food Bloggers

Every day we’re bombarded with so many voices on almost every topic. The simple act of feeding our families can get lost in the shuffle to the point that it becomes mindless, even mechanical. But when we take a moment to consider how to prepare wholesome food, we naturally become more aware. We start to think beyond getting food from the store and onto our plates. We look back, wondering where it came from. 

And we’re not alone. From farmers to city dwellers with an appreciation of farming and food production, there are some great voices that talk about Kansas food and agriculture. We wanted to highlight a few bloggers who write about those connections between farm life and the food we eat. 

So, if you want to dig a little deeper into the food you prepare, here are a few bloggers to check out.

Inquiring Chef

This blog by Jess Smith focuses on wholesome recipes, many with a Thai flair thanks to years spent living in Thailand, and travelogues. Jess and her husband Frank live in Kansas City where they are raising twin girls.  

One of our favorite posts is about a Farm Food Tour hosted by two of our partner organizations: Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Soybean Commission. Participants spent several days touring Kansas to meet with farmers and food producers, with both small- and large-scale operations. 

Moms Good Eats

Dana Zucker is a busy mother and home cook who encourages her readers to learn everything they can about cooking and food. Dana manages to balance a busy schedule with making multiple meals for her family every day—something we can all relate to! (She also writes about travel, fitness and her pets.) 

Dana participated in the Farm Food Tour and shared her thoughts about the experience and how it opened her eyes to sustainable farming on her blog. 

Handmade in the Heartland 

Midwest mom Angela Muir loves handmade items—from crafts to food. She also shares her parenting and travel experiences, including those in her hometown of Kansas City. 

Angela participated in our Farm Food Tour in 2014. She was struck by how many of her assumptions about food and perceptions of farming didn’t match up to reality. 

Kids Cows and Grass  

Debbie Lyons-Blythe is more than a blogger. She’s a rancher who knows the land and animals inside and out. From recipes to reflections, Debbie and several guest bloggers share their experiences of all aspects of ranching life. 

Mama Dweeb 

Mom friends Annie Shultz and Rachel Shivers team up to explore life, technology, beauty and food. Annie was also an attendee of a past Farm Food Tour. 

Fashion Plate KC 

Kansas City blogger La’Shonda Woodard loves a good bargain as much as she loves a good meal. 

Blogs from Our Partners

If you’ve had a chance to poke around our website, you know that Kansas Farm Food Connection was formed as a partnership between eight agricultural organizations in Kansas. Several of our organizations have their own blogs. If you’re curious to know more about the nutrition, science and people behind the food you eat, these blogs are a great place to start! 

  • In Pursuit of Pork: This Kansas restaurant guide from the Kansas Pork Association focuses on all things pork, with two barbecue judges who do the tasting. 
  • Dairy Makes Sense: From farming to nutrition to children and education, this blog from Midwest Dairy focuses on all things (you guessed it!) dairy. 
  • Kansas Living:  Although it’s not technically a blog, this site is full of compelling stories about farmers and families—with lots of recipes and things to do thrown in for good measure! 
  • Kansas Beef:  Also not a blog, the Kansas Beef Council website has a great look at all things beef that’s written for regular folks and not industry insiders. 

We hope this list helps you cut through the noise and find what’s really important—putting wholesome food on your table and making a connection with the people who grow it. 

And, of course, check back here for great recipes, farmer profiles, shopping tips, health information and food news!