Find E85 Fuel Near You

Corn and Car

Ethanol is an octane-enhancer that is produced from plant derivatives including corn. It can be combined with gasoline in different concentrations.

E10, E15 and E85: What’s the difference?

Over 95% of all gasoline sold today is E10, a 10% ethanol blend. A higher octane blend, E15, has been approved for use in passenger vehicles model year 2001 and later. Higher blends, like E85, are for use in Flex Fuel Vehicles that can accommodate up to 85% ethanol.

Small engines like lawnmowers and boats can use E10 fuel.

Check out the Renewable Fuels Association's website for more interesting facts.

Find E85 in your area

Use this great site to find gas stations in your area that sell E85 to use in your Flex Fuel vehicle. There are currently (as of July 2016) 31 local gas stations in 22 cities across Kansas that you can fill up with E85.

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