Explore the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail

Explore the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail

Kansas is full of things to do, from visiting museums to exploring historic towns to hiking the trails. Sometimes just taking a scenic drive can make for a great day away. Consider checking out the Flint Hills Quilt Trail on your next joyride — it’s amazing! 

Quilt trails are where agriculture and creativity meet. Many barns dotting the landscape are adorned with a uniquely rural style of art called barn quilts. Visitors can follow the trail routes to see a variety of this unique ag-art on display. 

What’s a Barn Quilt? 

A barn quilt is a large-scale painting that mimics the beautiful, intricate geometric patterns and bright colors of quilts. The “quilts” are mounted onto the sides of barns, outbuildings, businesses or houses. 

Barn Quilt Cowley County

About Quilt Trails 

Many communities across the country sport barn quilts. Often, they map the locations so visitors can enjoy a hunt to “collect” them all. 

Plan Your Quilt Trail Trip 

The Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail winds through all 22 counties of the Flint Hills.  

It was formed to promote agritourism and rural pride by showcasing the farms, architecture and art of the area. There are nearly 425 locations listed so far along the trail — some large and some quite small. And that number is still growing! 

So hit the road for a scenic trip and enjoy nature and craft combined. 

Barn Quilt Pioneer Bluffs
For a map of art featured and information about the farms, check out the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail website. 

To learn more about trails across the United States, visit Barn Quilt Info