• Pagel Kansas Ranch

    Raising Cattle by the Seasons

    Kelsey Pagel used to joke she didn’t want to marry a farmer. While Kelsey was growing up, her parents started a farm together from scratch — no small feat! She saw firsthand the hard work and dedication farming required.  “I learned a lot about work ethic on the farm with two parents...

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  • Holy Goat Creamery Nubian goats

    Meet a Local Goat Cheese Maker in Kansas

    For 30 years, Suzanne Bennett worked as an OB/GYN delivering children. She always had an interest in making her own cheese. After retiring, she attended a cheesemaking workshop and loved it. She decided to take the plunge and make goat cheese at home. That’s when her pet project took on a...

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  • Shiloh Vineyard in Western Kansas

    Winery Brings Slice of Heaven to Western Kansas

    How did a self-proclaimed Bud Light drinker start a vineyard in Western Kansas? It was a leap of faith. “We had no clue what we were doing,” said Kirk Johnston, who runs Shiloh Vineyard with his wife Treva. “We had absolutely no experience in vineyards or winemaking.” 

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  • Kohman family ranch

    At Kohman Meats, Ranching Is About Family

    Kelli and Todd grew up around the corner from each other in Abilene. Their families did business together — Kelli’s family leased some of their farmland to Todd’s family — but that was it. They knew each other, but they weren’t close. It wasn’t until they were grown that the two became a...

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  • How Feeding Pigs Is Helping This Kansas Farm

    After graduating from Kansas State University, Caitlyn Horton moved home to help on her family’s farm north of Kendall, in southwest Kansas. The farm includes 5,000 acres of corn, wheat and sorghum, along with cattle and pigs. Caitlyn started Horton Show Pigs as a branch of the operation...

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  • The Kraffts Kansas Cattle Ranchers

    These Kansas Cattle Ranchers May Surprise You

    Did you know 91 percent of ranches are family owned? Kansas alone is home to more than 27,000 cattle farmers and ranchers. While we’d like you to meet allof them, let’s start with three families who are making Kansas proud with their ranch operations. 

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  • Take a (Virtual) Tour of Kansas Farms

    In October, the Kansas Soybean Commission and Kansas Farm Bureau hosted the fifth Farm Food Tour across Kansas. The Farm Food Tour opens the doors to Kansas agriculture and creates meaningful conversations about food and the people who grow it. 

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  • Jacob Marintzer Giant Pumpkin Grower thumbnail

    Jacob and the Giant Pumpkin

    If there’s one thing that conjures up the feeling of fall, it’s a pumpkin (PSL, anyone?). But Jacob Marintzer, a giant-pumpkin grower in Westmoreland, thinks about pumpkins year-round. “I can tell you just about anything about a pumpkin plant,” Jacob said.

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  • R Family Farms THUMBNAIL

    Why the Roushes Raise Heritage Hogs

    In the middle of the country (seriously, smack dab in the middle, at the geographic center of the contiguous United States), you’ll find a young couple full of energy and passion raising Berkshire hogs. Who is the couple? Emily and Kaden Roush of Lebanon.

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  • Cristin Shepard grand champion

    Why Do Kids Show Farm Animals at the Fair?

    Remember learning how to ride a bike or drive a car? At the beginning I was nervous and had little confidence in my abilities. At times I even wondered if it was a good idea! With practice and help from others, I eventually got a good handle on things. Now I’m a pro at riding a bike (with...

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