• rancher with cattle

    What's Happening on the Farm in Fall

    Cool, crisp air. Deep, warm colors. Pumpkin-spiced everything. It’s fall and it’s a great time to connect with the rhythm of the land. There are pumpkin patches to visit and seasonal foods to cook, including favorite recipes and new Pinterest pins to try.

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  • Things farm kids learn - showing animals

    7 Lessons Farm Children Learn

    How many 5-year-old girls do you know who have placed in a national competition in speech? I know one: her name is Mylee Young. 

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  • Kansas sunflower farms

    Sunflower Fields in Bloom in Kansas

    When it comes to getting Instagram-worthy pictures of gorgeous sunflower fields, no other state can compare to Kansas. (We are The Sunflower State, after all!) But figuring out exactly where — and when — to get those stunning photos is another matter. Never fear! We have your sunflower...

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  • Stenger Family Farm in Kansas

    This Small Kansas Farm Family Wants to Have a Major Impact

    Jacob and Danielle Stenger see many issues with our food system — one of which is fewer people farming than ever before. The young couple wanted to change that, starting with their own family. “Honestly, it’s probably one of the main reasons we dove into farming, because we really wanted...

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  • Kelly Hills Dairy Kristina Haverkamp and Calf

    Love Is a Kansas Dairy Farm

    Kristina Haverkamp wants you to love dairy. This wife, mother and grandmother helps run Kelly Hills Dairy, a 600-cow operation in Seneca. She’s passionate about sharing her work and life with others. “My job is never boring. It’s exciting,” she said. “I used to have a desk job. Now, I...

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  • Jacquelyne Leffler crops

    The Story of an Athlete-Turned-Farmer

    Jacquelyne Leffler loves telling the story of agriculture. The first time she shared her experience farming with others, she was the one who had several aha moments.

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  • Ohlde Dairy three generations

    Life at Ohlde Dairy Is About Cows, Family and Feed

    The silos at Ohlde Dairy stand empty, replaced with covered piles of silage. Silage is a food for cattle that is made from crop plants — every part from stalk to stem — then fermented. It’s a key part of the feed for the nearly 1,300 cows currently milked at the dairy. 

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  • Baby Pygora goat at Rowantree Farm

    A Dream Takes Shape at Kansas Fiber Farm

    Have you ever fantasized about living on a small hobby farm — someplace to settle down where you could grow your own food and live self-sufficiently? The McGees did, and they’re making that dream come true. Both Collen (pronounced KAW-leen) and her husband Mike are veterans who currently...

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  • The Heiniger Kids on the Farm

    Growing Up on a Farm

    We’ve loved getting to know so many wonderful farmers and ranchers across Kansas. Many of them talk about the importance of family, of being raised on a farm or raising their own children on a farm. We couldn’t help but wonder what kids would say about the experience. So, we asked, “What...

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  • Pagel Kansas Ranch

    Raising Cattle by the Seasons

    Kelsey Pagel used to joke she didn’t want to marry a farmer. While Kelsey was growing up, her parents started a farm together from scratch — no small feat! She saw firsthand the hard work and dedication farming required.  “I learned a lot about work ethic on the farm with two parents...

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