• Farmer handling soil

    How Farmers Care for Soil

    Soil health sounds like a topic for experts. And it is! There’s a lot of science behind making sure the soil on farmland is healthy. Soil health is also important to the average person, even if we don’t realize it. The world’s population is projected to reach 9.8 billion people by 2050...

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  • Cardinal Creek Farm

    Experience a Nostalgic Christmas at Cardinal Creek Farm

    Some say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It certainly feels like the busiest. But in Leon, just east of Wichita, there’s a place where families can slow down and enjoy a magical and memorable Christmas experience together — Cardinal Creek Farm. 

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  • Graves Family selfie - Graves Land and Cattle

    A Life of Purpose in Southeast Kansas

    “A life with a purpose is a life worth living.” Frances Graves loves this quote. It’s a guiding principle for the Kansas mother, wife and farmer. “This is very meaningful to me in every aspect of our lives — both as a motivation for why we left the city for the farm, and how we think...

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  • Veterans at the SAVE Farm in Manhattan learning to grow grapes

    SAVE-ing Veterans’ Lives

    “This saved my life.” Gary LaGrange hears that a lot at the Servicemember Agricultural Vocation Education farm — fittingly called the “SAVE Farm” for short. The SAVE Farm provides a healing environment where veterans learn the ropes of farming to prepare for a career in agriculture. The...

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  • Kevin Holle Kansas farmer in combine

    Weathering the Storm

    Kevin Holle has a mission: To enable present and future generations to live and prosper in Rawlins county. “That’s what I live for,” he said. “I’ve always tried to plan for the future generations.”

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  • Guetterman Brothers Family Farm Kansas

    Guetterman Brothers Family Farms: Rooted in Family and Faith

    At Guetterman Brothers Family Farms, strong roots go deeper than the wheat, corn and soybean plants they grow. Nick Guetterman, his mother and father, three older brothers, along with their spouses and children, all work on the family farm, which was established in the 1960s. Though much...

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  • Dan and Carol Buck of 4B Farms in Kansas

    Hydroponic Lettuce Takes Off in Northwest Kansas

    Northwest Kansas isn’t an area you’d describe as lush. In fact, it’s often in drought. But that didn’t stop Dan and Carol Buck from deciding to grow lettuce there. It’s out of the ordinary, but much of their journey was. The couple owned a trucking business for 20 years. Dan crisscrossed...

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  • rancher with cattle

    What's Happening on the Farm in Fall

    Cool, crisp air. Deep, warm colors. Pumpkin-spiced everything. It’s fall and it’s a great time to connect with the rhythm of the land. There are pumpkin patches to visit and seasonal foods to cook, including favorite recipes and new Pinterest pins to try.

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  • Things farm kids learn - showing animals

    7 Lessons Farm Children Learn

    How many 5-year-old girls do you know who have placed in a national competition in speech? I know one: her name is Mylee Young. 

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  • Kansas sunflower farms

    Sunflower Fields in Bloom in Kansas

    When it comes to getting Instagram-worthy pictures of gorgeous sunflower fields, no other state can compare to Kansas. (We are The Sunflower State, after all!) But figuring out exactly where — and when — to get those stunning photos is another matter. Never fear! We have your sunflower...

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