Bake for Family Fun in February

Friday, February 1, 2019 to Thursday, February 28, 2019

Bake for Family Fun in February


Finding activities for children that are educational and engaging can be difficult. Kids have shorter attention spans, so trying to teach them while having fun may end up making you feel frazzled. However, there’s a fun and instructive activity that you and your child can enjoy together—baking. 

With baking, your children will not only hone their math, science, art, reading, and direction-following skills, but they will also get the opportunity to taste their work once it’s finished, all while bonding with family.  

February is Bake for Family Fun Month and Charlene Patton, Executive Director of the Home Baking Association, has put together some fun and easy activities for families, even beginner bakers. You can choose among different recipes, get helpful tips and check out their videos. 

How It Works

Since Bake for Family Fun Month conveniently falls during the time of the year when people like to stay indoors, it’s the perfect time to warm up the ovens and try out some new recipes! While the weather outside may be dreary, life inside doesn’t have to be. Each week the Home Baking Association will have activities for families to try, including recipes, tips, and videos to help with the process so families get an overall great and tasty experience.

  • Week 1: Start off by learning the basic skills of baking. Don’t worry if you have little—or no—experience. The videos and tips will help guide you.  
  • Week 2: Bake for your valentine. Build on your skills from last week with a Valentine’s Day recipe. You’ll get more in-depth tips and videos, plus a Valentine’s Day activity sheet for your kids. 
  • Week 3:  Passing traditions down is a great way to bond with your family, especially if that tradition is a recipe your whole family really enjoys. This week is dedicated to baking history and traditions by sharing recipes that have been around for years. “If your family doesn’t have a special recipe, create one,” Charlene says. “Then you will be able to have a special tradition your family can enjoy.” 
  • Week 4: The month ends with baking for others. This week features some fun interactive activities for the children, along with appetizing recipes—all of which could become a new crowd favorite in your home!  

Tips for Baking with Children

When baking with children, there are some things to take into account to make the experience more special: 

  • Allow plenty of time. It will take a little longer than normal and you don’t want anyone to feel rushed or get frustrated. 
  • Use a larger bowl than you normally would to help smaller hands master stirring (and keep your floors cleaner!). 
  • Have the kiddos help tidy up afterwards. 
  • Make sure the tasks are age-appropriate for each child. 

If you finish all the activities of the week and are in the mood for some more baking fun, check out the section labeled “More Resources.” In this area you can find more recipes, tips on baking, and other pieces of information that have to do with not only baking, but wheat as well!  

On the website, you can also find:

  • Thrill of skill, which tells you age appropriate tasks for children starting as young as two years old 
  • 10 tips for baking success 
  • A safe kitchen checklist

Plus, after you finish baking a recipe with your child, you can print out a certificate for them to remind them of the great baking experience you shared.

Learn More

Sharon Davis, a family and consumer science educator with the Home Baking Association, says baking plays a major role in the lives of children. 

“Bake for Family Fun Month is everything that home baking is about. The passing down of baking skills to your children is priceless,” Sharon says. “It’s a great way for parents to create memories with their child that they can look back on, while also teaching them skills that they will be able to use when they get older. It’s rewarding, it’s fun, and it’s a memorable experience for the family to be able to work together on baking something delicious!” 

To catch all of the baking excitement happening during Bake for Family Fun Month you can visit the Home Baking Association’s website at or contact Charlene Patton at


Bake for Family Fun Month is run by the Home Baking Association. The Home Baking Association is a non-profit association.  Their mission is to provide baking resources for educators, families and anyone that wants to learn more about baking.