These Kansas Cattle Ranchers May Surprise You

On November 12, 2018

Did you know 91 percent of ranches are family owned? Kansas alone is home to more than 27,000 cattle farmers and ranchers. While we’d like you to meet allof them, let’s start with three families who are making Kansas proud with their ranch operations. 

The Kraffts

The Kraffts Kansas Cattle Ranchers
After living in the Bay Area of California for a decade, Myndi and Jason Krafft wanted a different life for their family. They moved back to Jason’s western Kansas home to raise cattle — and their two girls — the best way they know possible: with a lot of love. Their hope is to teach their children about the responsibilities that come with raising cattle. As Myndi says, “I want them to know that lots of effort, time and love go into growing food for others, and that’s not a responsibility we should take lightly.”

Meet the Kraffts

The Deblers

The Deblers Kansas Cattle Ranchers
Randall Debler had a passion for family, faith and ranching. With the support of his wife, Erin, he was determined to follow that passion. But starting a ranch from scratch can come with crippling debt and other challenges. Fortunately, with a helping hand from a neighbor and a creative approach to business, the Deblers are now living their dream with their children on Rock Hills Ranch.

Meet the Deblers

The Pachecos

With a Ph.D. in animal science, Arturo Pacheco is not your average cattleman — but like most ranchers, he cares greatly for the wellbeing of his herd. With his two sons always in mind, Arturo makes sure the cattle he produces are of the highest quality and safe for families to put on their tables. “Caring for an animal that will provide nourishment not only to your child but to others as well is an amazing experience,” Arturo says.

Meet the Pachecos