Meet the Farmers

Here in Kansas, you probably don’t have to shake your family tree too hard before a farmer falls out. Today’s farmers mesh traditional values with college degrees and high-tech tools. Meet the soccer moms and mini-van-driving dads of 21st century Kansas ag, and find out what “locally grown” really means, from the people who know best. Get the scoop on why they farm, why they farm the way they do, and why they’re so proud of it!

  • typical day

    A Typical Day on the Farm

    Ask any farmer or rancher what a typical day is like and you’ll probably get a good laugh as your answer. “There is absolutely no typical day,” says Nicole Small of 2S Land and Cattle in Neodesha.

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  • heiniger family

    Meet the Heinigers

    Sit down for a chat with Kendall and Austin Heiniger, and you’ll likely be struck by their upbeat and playful, yet earnest vibe. It’s clear they care deeply for one another, and for farming. But it wasn’t always that way. In the early years of their relationship, farming wasn’t in the...

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  • The Baldwins - Family Farm in Kansas

    Meet the Baldwins

    Don’t believe the stereotype of farmers sporting dusty overalls and sucking on straw. Kim Baldwin of Baldwin Farms says, sure, her husband Adam comes home dusty and dirty some days. “But he’s not only working the ground with his brawn,” she explains. “He’s using his brain. Farmers are...

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  • Kristina Haverkamp, Kelly Hills Dairy

    Meet Five Kansas Dairy Farm Moms Just Like You

    How are you going to celebrate the moms in your life this Mother’s Day? As a new mom (Can you say “new” two years after childbirth?), motherhood still feels challenging to describe. I try to keep the newness in perspective; we came home with our daughter — not an instruction manual!  

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  • Sprayer

    Technology on the Farm: Spotlight on Spray Rigs

    You’ve probably driven along on county roads and highways and seen farmers on strange skinny-wheeled tractors that are so tall a small car could probably fit under them. Have you ever wondered what those odd things are for? The long metal arms bundled beside them are used to spray fields...

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  • Blogger Tour Group

    Farm-Chair Travel: Experience the Fun of the Farm Through the Eyes of Your Favorite Bloggers

    In the winter, we can’t help but daydream of warmer days. (My mind has wandered to Florida more times than I can count!) But, let’s face it, traveling isn’t always an option (certainly not time traveling to summer, anyway!). The good news is we have the next best thing: a vicarious visit...

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  • Schaffer Couple

    Meet Zack Schaffer

    On a farm in Jetmore, there’s an unassuming outhouse. This little building, no longer in use, means more to Zack Schaffer than it does to anyone else. The outhouse sits on his family’s property, and is where Zack learned the art of woodworking as a boy from his grandfather Dan.

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  • Joe and Kim Mertz

    Meet the Mertz Family

    Ask a farm family to tell you their story and you will soon understand why the public esteems the agricultural sector above all others. They will charm you with traditional family values and amaze you with science. If you press them, they might even share creative ways to begin a romance...

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  • Kyler Family

    Meet Kyler Millershaski

    Want to know more about where your food comes from? Ask Kyler Millershaski! Kyler is a farmer and rancher in Lakin who is passionate about agriculture. He loves to talk ag — especially with people outside the industry. “There’s a huge disconnect between consumers and producers,” he says...

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  • Drone Picture

    Technology on the Farm: Spotlight on Drones

    Farmers and ranchers take to the skies, using drones to improve efficiencies. During the fall of 2016, Jeremiah Nicholson introduced drones to the family farm and ranch business. He’s part of a growing number of farmers who use what started as military aviation technology to help provide...

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