Meet the Farmers

Here in Kansas, you probably don’t have to shake your family tree too hard before a farmer falls out. Today’s farmers mesh traditional values with college degrees and high-tech tools. Meet the soccer moms and mini-van-driving dads of 21st century Kansas ag, and find out what “locally grown” really means, from the people who know best. Get the scoop on why they farm, why they farm the way they do, and why they’re so proud of it!

  • My Day at the Ranch

    During a Day at the Ranch, about 100 visitors got a behind-the-scenes look at two Kansas family ranching operations. The daylong tour was enlightening and entertaining. Most importantly, it helped our band of lucky adventurers to connect with the farmers and ranchers responsible for...

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  • Dairy Farmers

    Meet Duane and Ronda Meier

    Dairy farmers. They were the first dairy in the state to install robotic milking machines.

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  • A Salute to Farm Moms

    A Salute to Farm Moms

    Mother’s Day is a time to honor those special women in our lives—moms. And we’d like to give a shout-out to a special kind of mother—farm moms. 

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  • Kansas Wildfires by Tracy Shinogle, “High Plains Journal”

    Kansas Wildfires: A Round-Up of Stories and Support

    The devastation of the wildfires tearing across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas is overwhelming. Stories of heartbreak and hope are surfacing in the wake of the fires and we want to share some of them, plus ways you can help.

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  • McVey Wedding

    Meet the McVeys

    Ask any couple how they met and you’re likely to get two different stories with a few overlapping facts.

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  • photo of woman farmer, Robin Dunn

    A Farming Dream

    Robin Dunn is defying stereotypes as the sole owner and operator of Dunn’s Landing.  

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  • Winsor Family Blog

    Are farmers sustainable?

    Meet LaVell and Andy Winsor, who run part of the Winsor family farms which recently won a national conservation award for their sustainable farming practices.

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  • The Pendletons from Lawrence

    Meet the Pendletons from Lawrence

    John and Karen Pendleton run a thriving market farm in Lawrence. They enjoy all aspects of farm life, but their favorite is spending time together.  

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  • Meet the Franklins

    Meet the Franklins from Western Kansas

    Tim and Kat Franklin traded in their big-city lives to come back to the family farm. 

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  • NB Spotlight Ranch 1

    Ranching in the Winter

    Brown grass poking through a layer of snow in the fields as cows dot the landscape—it can mean only one thing: It’s winter on the plains. But what, exactly, happens with all those cattle out there? 

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