• How to cook cuts of pork thumbnail

    Pork Cuts and How to Cook Them

    You have a recipe that calls for a boneless sirloin pork roast, but they don’t have that at the grocery store. What do you do? Get a pork tenderloin? Try a shoulder blade Boston roast? Wouldn’t you love to have a cheat sheet? Thanks to the experts at the Pork Checkoff, you do! Their...

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  • fresh and frozen vegetables

    Fresh Vs. Frozen Vs. Canned: What’s Better?

    Fresh is best, right? Not so fast. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to using fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. It all depends on your recipe, budget, timing and storage space. Let’s break down some of the things to consider as you fill your grocery cart.

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  • Succulents

    Spotlight on Container Gardening

    What if you don’t have a lot of space, time, or money to devote to a garden? Good news: Container gardening makes it easy to grow a garden anywhere! Container gardening applies to any plant grown in—you guessed it—some sort of vessel to contain it. From a giant outdoor terracotta pot to...

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  • Draft Beer

    Spotlight on Kansas Breweries

    Need a new adventure for your bucket list? How about a tour of Kansas brewpubs? Lucky for you, Kansas is home to several craft breweries. To help prepare you for a grand adventure, we have some suggestions on pairing food with beer, how to speak the language and where to visit. 

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  • Understanding Grocery Labels thumbnail

    How to Decode Grocery Labels

    How many times have you inspected the calorie count on a food item, scrutinizing the fat, sodium, sugar, or protein content? How many times?! I do it on every grocery shopping expedition! Trying to be healthy here, right?  But those labels have a lot of info to take in during a quick scan...

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  • Family Christmas Tree Shopping

    Find a Christmas Tree Farm Near You

    Are you a “real tree” lover? From the fresh pine scent to the luxurious feel of soft needles, some people just have to have a real tree to trim at Christmas. Well, you’re in luck! Kansas is home to dozens of Christmas tree farms! From pre-cut to saw-it-yourself to living trees you can...

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  • Opening Presents

    Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

    Whether you want a special Kansas gift or something for the gardener, cook or ag-lover in your life, we’ve got a great list of ideas!

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  • Cuts of Beef

    Beef Cuts and How to Cook Them

    What’s your cooking style? Diligent recipe follower? Or freestyler? Either way, you’ve probably had those moments where you’re staring at a package of beef in the store and aren’t sure if you should get it. How would you cook it? Will it work for what you have in mind? Is it a good...

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  • mom and daughter buying milk

    Going Local at the Grocery

    We all know farmers markets are a great place to buy local produce and meats. But did you know your local grocery store also has locally sourced foods? A lot of people don’t realize that many foods don’t travel very far to get to their grocery store shelves. You might be buying local...

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  • Grass Fed Cattle

    Grass vs. Grain: Fed vs. Finished

    When it comes to beef, it can be confusing to know what to buy based on the labels. Grass-fed is good, right? And what about feed made from grains? We break it down and point you to some helpful resources to learn more.

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