• Thanksgiving Leftovers

    Four Things to Do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

    Thanksgiving was a hit! Your guests cleaned their plates, you spent time surrounded by loved ones, and everyone went to bed replaying a memorable day in their heads.  But now the holiday magic is over, and you’re left with an overflowing fridge and no idea what to do with the excess food...

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  • Best Thanksgiving Tips

    Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide

    Picture this: The turkey is finished with time to spare, your family is gathered around the table singing praises to your food and decor, laughter fills the room and you smile knowing you’ve pulled off the perfect Thanksgiving.  Oh, to dream! Whether this is your first year tackling the...

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  • Kombucha Made in Lawrence Kansas - Rosemary Orange

    Meet a Local Kombucha Brewer in Kansas

    Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. But for one Kansas entrepreneur, mother was the necessity of invention. In this case, the “mother” was a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (the acronym is scobyfor short) used to brew kombucha tea. Kombucha tea is a...

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  • Healthy family food shopping grocery store

    How to Make Smart Food Choices for Your Family

    “What’s for dinner?” The answer used to be so simple. You’d have a recipe in mind that checked all the boxes for your household:

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  • Best Tailgating Recipes and Tips

    Tailgating Tips and Recipes

    Football season is here, which means it’s time to get serious about your tailgating game! From planning your feast to relaxing on the day, here are some tips and recipes to get you amped for the pre-game.

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  • Kansas City BBQ Burnt Ends

    Burnt Ends: A Kansas Culinary Wonder

    “I dream of those burned edges.” Calvin Trillin There are lots of Kansas wonders to love: the Cosmosphere, Monument Rocks, Cathedral on the Plains — the list goes on. But there’s one wonder with a special place in my heart (and stomach), a wonder that almost never came to be. Burnt...

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  • How to Deal with Picky Eaters

    6 Tips for Parents with Picky Eaters

    If your children turn their noses up at even the most delicious dishes, you know what a frustrating battle mealtime can be.  Sometimes it feels like no matter what you try, they’re determined to never take another bite. Ever. So what can you do about picky eaters, assuming you don’t want...

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  • Merchants Pub & Plate Cobb Salad

    Merchants Pub & Plate: A Restaurant with Kansas Grit and Grub

    For T.K. Peterson, a career in food was always the plan. As a child growing up in Lawrence, he spent much of his free time cooking with his parents and experimenting with recipes. Those early years sparked a passion for food and his home state, which provided so many delightful...

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  • Recipe Bierocks

    Why Bierocks Are a Kansas Staple

    If you grew up in Kansas, you’re probably familiar with bierocks. The cabbage, meat and onion-stuffed dough balls are a Wheat State tradition, and are served at restaurants everywhere, especially in small city diners.  But do you know why? How did these little pastry pockets become a...

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  • Bon Bon Lawrence open face bread

    Bon Bon!: A Locally Grown, Kansas Experience

    As with most great stories, the tale of Bon Bon!, a Lawrence eatery, begins with love.  Codi and Simon Bates, owners, met and fell in love in Manhattan, making such a great team, they decided to tie the knot. Then, they REALLY got serious — they opened a restaurant together. 

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